Everest Resource Company is a privately held exploration and production company based in Corpus Christi, Texas with 50+ years experience and 500 operated wells on the Texas Gulf Coast. Everest generates, purchases, drills, and operates oil and gas prospects and properties primarily along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Everest is actively focused on generating, drilling and producing prospects in both the conventional and non-conventional arenas.  Everest sources those opportunities from our extensive data and knowledge bases and industry contacts.  The company currently has 2000+ sq miles of 3D seismic data. The company devotes substantial effort and investment toward  reprocessing selective existing 3-D data sets while employing state of the art seismic attributes and data enhancement techniques to better define and high grade our proposals. 


Prospects currently in the works include both low risk, shallow gas/oil ideas and deeper, condensate rich, gas prospects.  Several opportunities involve confirming new field discoveries, effectively mitigating typical wildcat risk but with true wildcat reward.